French Boys' Choir

The Choir was founded in 1970 by Régis Decool, who remained its director until his passing in 2009.

Jérôme Cupelli took over in 2010. Previously the founding director of the “Petits Chanteurs de Lambres-lez-Douai”, he is now the driving force in the preservation of the soul and identity of our Choir.

From their early childhood, the boys have the opportunity to join our “Amadeus” pre-choir, for an introduction to the fundamentals of polyphonic choral singing.

Since its creation, the Maîtrise des Hauts de France has performed on a regular basis, during the school breaks, in the area of Lille, in France, in Europe and in North America.

The members of our choir have been involved in numerous special events, have sung in the White House, and have participated in the “Pueri Cantores” international congresses in Washington in 2013 and several times in Rome’s Saint Peter Basilica, there as recently as December 2015 and on January 1, 2016. They are regularly asked to perform for television programs, conventions, competitions and festivals around the world.
Through the numerous international concerts, the Maîtrise des Hauts de France strives to convey its continuous search for quality in the interpretation of the polyphonic repertoire devoted to children’s voices.

This level of excellence can only be reached with a complete well-being and self-development of the young choristers who, by singing and traveling, find an incomparable source of cultural enrichment and personal accomplishment.

Quality and pleasure are the key words strongly connected to the mission of our Choir.

Friendship, altruism, tolerance and respect, beyond religious beliefs and political opinions, are the cement of our action, in the service of our passion for music.